Jasmine von der Hoss

Thank you for such a beautiful dog.  She is doing very well since we got her about a year ago.  She is a great dog and our family adores her.  She loves our kids and is protective of them not allowing any strangers to approach them.  We sent her away to be obedience trained for about three weeks.  She is progressing very well with it. 

Thank you again,

Craig and Kristie
Barnegat, NJ

Sable von der Hoss

February 2009 I purchased a female Sable GSD named “Sable” from Von der Hoss Kennel. She is a people person, extremely friendly & loving.  Sable is very smart & has excelled at her basic training. She is exceptionally active with a high ball drive & has all the qualities of an excellent working dog, yet still being family oriented. I am so pleased with Sable that March 2011 I purchased an all black, long haired male GSD & named him Kane. Even though he’s still a puppy he possesses skills of being an excellent watch dog by being fearless & very protective of me & our property. Kane is learning rapidly from Sable & is growing mentally & physically each day.

Thank You,

Gina M. La Sasso
Vineland, NJ

Hunter von der Hoss

We got Hunter from von der Hoss Kennels when he was about 8 months old. When we got him, he only knew Russian commands. I had a friend at work who spoke Russian and he taught us a few words. We hired a private trainer and he was in training for about a year. Now he knows English commands and has lost his Russian accent! He is fully trained in obedience. He is a great guardian of us and the property. We call him the "Director of Homeland Security". He is the most intelligent dog I have ever owned and all of our family love him dearly. 

Thanks for a great dog.

Trenton, NJ

Samson Bogart von der Hoss

His nickname is "Sammy Bear Wolf". His favorite toy is a football, but will fetch anything that we throw. Sammy loves to go on long walks and rides in the car. We go to Petsmart all the time and everyone there just loves us. Sammy is friendly to people, other dogs, and cats too. Sammy lives with two cats Max and Lolla and they are his best friends. Sammy is calm, steady, fearless, and confident in all situations. He is always aware of his surroundings and can be very protective when needed. We just think he is the best dog. 

Thank you Von der Hoss Kennels for such a wonderful animal!

Bob and Marianne
Galloway Township, NJ

Rallo von der Hoss

My fiancé and I adopted our fantastic German Shephard about three months ago. Rallo is the most kind and affectionate dog in the world. Russ was great in helping give us all the information we needed to start off with Rallo on the right foot. Rallo is an all black long-haired German Shephard. He has not had an accident in the house since the first week we had him. He was great in the crate from the first night we introduced him to it. I have always been a fan of small dogs but Rallo has changed my entire perspective on dogs. He is a great addition to the Nadle family and is great with our 10 lb chihuahua mix. If we ever get another dog it will definitely be from Russ. 

The Nadle Family